What our clients say

Always Reliable

We teach Certified Orthotic Fitter courses all over the USA, and have chosen to use OPTEC orthoses in our classes. We are so impressed with the construction, quality and durability of the OPTEC orthoses that we use and their ability to withstand the rigors of the classroom environment and travel. These orthoses literally are donned and doffed hundreds of times during our class travel season. They are packed in duffle bags and often mishandled during travel. Yet, they are always ready to perform their mock patient care tasks in class. I would like to thank OPTEC again for their continuing support of educating the next generation of O & P professionals.

Rick E. Sevier BS Ed.

BOC Orthotist C. Ped. CPOA, CFS Allied Health Education, LLC

Best Interest at Heart

I’ve known the people at OPTEC USA and used their products for a number of years. They’ve been very cooperative and conduct their business to prove they have my best interest at heart. They’re in business to provide not only quality products but also to provide superior service.

I sincerely appreciate our working relationship.

Robert Meier, CO, BOCO

Gait Biomechanics, Educational consulting, ATi Orthotic Fitter School

Excellent Service

OPTEC USA has been with us for more than 10 years, the highest quality and excellent service, really happy to have you in the market!

Kirk Wilson

Ultra Prosthetics, Carson City NV